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Welcome back Smile Enjoy you'r stay on our forums.

- Kaelynna (You'r Beloved Guild Master)
Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis is a fun, social and rather serious raiding guild. We are out for fun aspects of the game. We enjoy a good laugh and love raiding. Are you with us?
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 [APPROVED] Pasila - Protection Warrior

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PostSubject: [APPROVED] Pasila - Protection Warrior   Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:47 pm

In Game Name: Pasila

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

How long have you been playing you'r class. Do you have alot of class knowledge?
iv been playing a warrior since start of wotkl i leveled as a prot from 10-80 so my knowledge as a dps aint that great

How long have you generally been playing WoW?
4 years taken 2 breaks tho 1 when got bored in the end of vanilla and second when went to the army for 6months and now im back to play the game

How active are you? In other words, how much do you play per day? Or do you pretty much only come on in raid times?

you can usually see me playing with pasila or 1 of my alts i play around 4-5 hours a day

What is you'r raid experience? What raids have you done? Are you able to lead people in raids?
in wotkl i dont really have much of raid experience been off 6months and now all want 5k gs to get in any kind of raid :p .. in vanilla and tbc i played a shaman and i did mc,bwl,aq20,aq40 and in tbc i did only to gruul

Do you have a microfone and are you willing to speak english on ventrilo?

Who referred you too this site?
thirael anounced the site in general

Do you show up for raids you are obligated to show up too? If not, do you give a notice? Or do you just tend to "let it go" ?

ofcourse i join the raids unless something important comes up and even then i inform the guild i cant come

Armory Link To You'r Character(s): i hope it shows in my prot gear


And now a bit of personal info! Smile

How old are you? im 22 years young

Would you concider yourself as a mature person when it comes to creating a happy guild social enviroment?
im a litle shy in the start mayby but when i get to know people i start openign up.

Where are you born, and where do you currently live?
i was born in finland and i still live in finland


Any Other Info You Would Like To Add?

For instance:
im a cool guy!

Why do you want to join our guild? Smile

i wish to join a raiding guild that is fun and cool

Best of luck! And take care!

An eye for an eye makes us all go blind
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PostSubject: Re: [APPROVED] Pasila - Protection Warrior   Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:07 pm

Approved! Welcome to the guild mate!
Enjoy you'r stay. /w me in game for an invite! Smile

An eye for an eye makes us all go blind

- Albert Einstein
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[APPROVED] Pasila - Protection Warrior
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